Vozdvyzhenka Audio Tour by Pic Pic Performance Art Theatre

This audio tour was created by Pic Pic within the framework of the artist-in-residence program at Bereznitsky Art Foundation with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

To participate, you need a mobile device with the ability to read QR codes and headphones. Participation is free of charge.

Being created as some kind of a podcast, the audio tour talks through the voices of artist Ilya Chichkan, restaurateur Dmytro Borysov, photographer Andrii Matsiievskyi, marketing expert Oksana Goshva, owner of the Gorodskaya Parikmakherskaya hairdressing salon Pavlo Sergeyev, and founder of the Nash Kyiv magazine Dmytro Fedorenko.

Vozdvyzhenka was founded in the 2000s in Podil, Kyiv, in an area historically known as the Honchari-Kozhumiaky tract. The new district with elite buildings was not inhabited immediately and therefore received the name of a 'ghost street' among the city people. Gradually, entrepreneurs and artists who rent premises for their salons, workshops, shops, restaurants, and galleries there put new life into Vozdvyzhenka. Today, most of the housing in Vozdvyzhenka is inhabited, and local residents have their own vision of the district development, which is implemented through self-governing bodies. At the same time, the housing development of Vozdvyzhenka continues.

How does real life in Kyiv new-builds differ from the marketing promises of the real estate developers? What forms good neighborly relations against the background of Kyiv development? And what is a residential complex itself? The audio tour by Pic Pic raises such questions and acquaints with the history and identity of Vozdvyzhenka through the experience of its residents.

The audio tour was created by authors Dima Levytskyi, Piotr Armianovski, sound designer Danyil Hrabar, translators Tania Rodionova and Yuliia Didokha, consultants Mariia Borysova and Pavlo Fedoriv, actress Oksana Kunikevych, curator Hanna Tsyba.

The finishing point of the audio tour is Zamkova Hill.

We do not recommend taking the audio tour in the dark, as well as in slippery weather.

The total duration of the walk is 50 minutes.

Pic Pic Performance Art Theatre is a Ukrainian art group founded in 2016 in Kyiv by theatre director Dima Levytskyi and performer Piotr Armianovski. The main format in which the group works is the audio tour. Audio tours by Pic Pic are an adventure while walking around the city with headphones listening to the voice which doesn't only tell a story but guide you through it. As a result, you discover a visual perspective of the city mixed with implied senses of theatrical experiences.

Every day, in broad daylight, we invite you for an audio walk around Vozdvyzhenka, a new district of Kyiv in search of its identity.

You can download the audio tour to your mobile device using the QR code on the stand at the entrance to the Bereznitsky Art Foundation.

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