The Bereznitsky Art Foundation offers an international residency program for international curators and artists. The activities of the residency are focused on enabling artists and curators to work, research and develop new projects in favorable conditions. The residency encourages interaction and dialogue between international representatives of the art sphere and the audience of Ukraine.

Danish team of artists and curators 4see

During the week of August, the Danish group of artists and curators of 4see visited the research residence of the Bereznitsky Art Foundation.
4cee is a newly formed team based in Copenhagen. Among the main interests of the group - the study of collective subjects of artistic and curatorial activities.

Vozdvyzhenka Audio Tour by Pic Pic Performance Art Theatre

From December 26, every day in the light of day, we invite you to an audio walk through Vozdvyzhenka, a new district of Kyiv that is looking for its identity.

How does real life in new buildings in Kiev differ from the marketing promises of developers? What forms good neighborly relations in the conditions of Kyiv development? And what is a residential complex? Such questions are raised by the Pic Pic audio tour, and acquaints with the history and identity of Vozdvyzhenka through the experience of its inhabitants.

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