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Charity activity 

The foundation was established with a purpose expand the possibilities of the artistic environment in Ukraine. Most of our activities are dedicated to charity.

Financial and curatorial support of young Ukrainian artists

We support Yuriy Sivirin and Yulia Beliaeva on the permanent basis.


We provide them materials, studios for their work, curatorial support, promotion etc. 

Also we support other young artists e.g. Anna Shcherbyna and Davyd Chychkan. We supported their projects: "Entrance from Kozhumyatska" and "Portraits that speak"

Charity auction house

The Foundation has established Kupava auction house in 2017 with a purpose to expand the art market of Ukraine. 50% of the profit goes to the charity fund. 

Art Helps Army

After a full-scale invasion of russia to Ukraine, BAF together with German partners created a fund to sell paintings named ART HELPS ARMY. 

All funds are immediately sent to the fund "Return Alive" for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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