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Partners and patrons

One of the BAF missions is to create favorable conditions for the development of the art market. To do this, we hold brunches, dinners, art talks which aims to attract more people to the art sphere. Also we collaborate with businesses, Institutions, embassies and other non-fundible organizations to implement joint art projects. 



BMW Ukraine together with BEREZNITSKY ART FOUNDATION and KYIV ART WEEK presents the project ART INSPIRED BY THE 8.


Collectors and art fans have witnessed the birth of close relations between BMW Group Culture and Ukrainian art with the aim of its further integration into the international art scene. The evening was full of pleasant conversation, creative atmosphere and inspired new initiatives.


BAF collaborates with Asters in two different ways: "Art and Law" educational program and exhibitional program.  

Art and Law

is a partnership project of the Bereznitsky Art Foundation and the Asters law firm, which is designed to give impetus to the development of the legal culture of the Ukrainian art market and protect the rights of all its participants.

THE MIND GAMES EXHIBITION. On 20 June 2019 Asters jointly with the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) and Bereznitsky Art Foundation held a reception within its ArtAsters project opening the exhibition "The Mind Games" by Yuriy Sivirin, a well-known Kyiv-based contemporary artist.

EXHIBITIONS in partnership with Asters


Our collaboration with CCI France Ukraine is manifested in art events, art excursions, acquaintance with Ukrainian modern art, branches and parties. 

Institut Français d'Ukraine (IFU)

Our collaboration with Institut Français d'Ukraine consists in conducting lectures and exhibitions in partnership. 


We thank Sisley for the beauty, elegance and acquaintance with the renowned family brand - with its founders – the descendants of the Counts Potocki, who owned many castles in Ukraine – and the French aristocracy – the d'Ornano family. Sisley maintains the status of a family brand. The d'Ornano family are also known as collectors. This excellent brand exists, focusing on the affinity of its values to the art.