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Copyright in works of art: what you need to know

Lecture "Copyright in works of art: what you need to know" (16.12.2020) in the framework of the project "Art & Law". We invite you to the second lecture in the educational project "Art & Law" on "Copyright in works of art: what you need to know."

Lecture "Copyright in works of art: what you need to know" in the project "Art & Law".

Curators: Lyudmila and Eugene Bereznytsky.

Art and Law is a non-profit educational project implemented in partnership with the international law firm Asters and designed to boost the development of the legal culture of the Ukrainian art market and protect the rights of all its participants.

This time we talked about copyright with a specialist in intellectual property - Julia Semeniy.

  • What should an artist know about his own rights to protect his work?

  • What exactly are the rights of the author and how to declare them?

  • How can an author dispose of his work after its sale?

You will find the answer to these and other questions in the second lecture of the Art and Law program.

Recorded lecture:

Yulia Semeniy is a partner of Asters Law Firm, specializing in intellectual property law, data protection, and advising clients on a number of issues related to the acquisition, exercise and protection of intellectual property rights. Recognized as one of the leading lawyers in the field of intellectual property according to Chambers Europe 2020.

Asters is an international firm that has held the status of one of the key players in the Ukrainian legal market for more than 15 years. The firm provides a full range of legal services and has a high reputation due to expertise in a wide range of practices.

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