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Dark ages

On July 20, 2018 the joint project of Yuliya Belyaeva and Yuri Sivirina Dark Ages was launched. New Dark Age is the first collaboration between the artists. Sivirin and Belyaeva demonstrate the world of a person interacting with information flows.

Dark Ages

Yuri Sivirin, Yulia Belyaeva

Art agency Bereznitsky Aesthetics has been collaborating with Yulia Belyaeva and Yuri Sivirin for more than three years. During this time, the artists have implemented several personal projects at the Bereznitsky Aesthetics gallery, exhibited works at the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa, the Sabsay Gallery in Copenhagen, the “Chocolate House” (National Museum "Picture Gallery"), an exhibition of sculpture near Berlin, took part in Kyiv Art Week and Copenhagen and many other projects.

The joint project of Sivirin and Belyaeva will be shown for the first time. Each of them has its own worldview and its own range of topics for artistic comprehension. Yuri Sivirin works not only as an artist, but also as a curator. Yulia Belyaeva is most often ironic about how we use the possibilities of the network. The artist presents the Internet as a platform for a vanity fair and a space for endless narcissism.

The point of contact for the authors was the issue of new rhythms of time. All processes in the modern world - from personal life to global business - are changing due to the acceleration of information exchange. During the Roman Empire, each city had its own time. If it was overcast, or the Romans weren't near the sundial, they couldn't tell the time exactly. Therefore, a person located at one end of Rome was not sure if they knew what time it was at the other end of the city. If now a person does not have access to a high-speed connection and new gadgets, then his life passes in an individual time capsule. In fact, he is excluded from general social processes.

In the Dark Ages project, Sivirin and Belyaeva represent the world of a person interacting with information flows in a different way than everyone else does. In the case of Sivirin, this is a world of endless images that become an impenetrable labyrinth for consciousness. Belyaeva, on the other hand, observes how information technologies turn our daily life into a graveyard of artifacts. With the advent of a digital analogue for any action, the material world becomes like a monument to itself. All meanings and all important processes have been unfolding in the virtual world for a long time. We do not notice this, continuing to be between two illusions - real objects, practically devoid of their function, and digital space, which can only be understood speculatively.

The artists showed their works in a new space at Academica Bogomoltsa 5, kv.4.

The evening was decorated with the Good Yoga Lessons group, soloist Andrey Taranov.


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