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Motives and motivations

From May 22 to July 21, 2015 the Bereznitsky Aesthetics art space presents Yuri Syvyryn's project "Motives and Motivations". The curator is Eugene Bereznitsky

From May 22 to July 21, Bereznitsky Aesthetics art space presents Yuri Sivirin's project "Motives and Motivations". Curator - Eugene Bereznitsky.

The Motives and Motivations project has several semantic sections.


The contemporary art of the post-Soviet countries does not fall into the main stream and is not looking for ways to adapt. Artists rework the content of their own local trends. That is why this art requires interpretation and clarification.

In the Motives and Motivations project, artist Yuri Sivirin uses the method of getting used to the well-known stylistic models of the leaders of the world art scene (Joseph Beuys, Rudolf Stingel, Gerhard Richter, Vasily Vereshchagin, Ivan Shishkin, Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson, Pablo Picasso, Richard Prince, Maurizio Catellan, Diego Velasquez, Matthew Barney, Peter Paul Rubens). Recognizable plots and techniques are seen in the Ukrainian landscape specially selected for reproduction, focusing on certain areas of contact that are invisible in the global context.


The artist's somewhat brutal approach to images and the deliberate use of borrowings is a method he uses to blur the stylistic boundaries of modern culture, emphasizing its universal meaning and meaning. Quotes from well-known works serve as a key that gives a chance to penetrate into the structure of the Ukrainian art process. With their help, the artist intends to reduce the distance between his own and the other and show the roots common to all cultural segments.

Yuri Sivirin graduated from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture. Has a master's degree. Teaches drawing and painting. His creative method is the development and processing of the most striking phenomena in contemporary art as a platform for creating new meanings.


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