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Mutilated Sky

BAF helps bring student projects to life. Lyudmila Bereznytska, the founder of the Bereznitsky art foundation, became the mentor of the "Mutilated Sky" project, which took place on December 20, 2022 at the National Academy of Fine Arts at the defense of diploma theses.

"It is important for us to support the young generation and invest in the promotion and organization of the exhibition activities of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. After all, a strong and progressive academic apparatus guarantees success on the Ukrainian art market" - BAF representatives

Project concept

This project is about the pain that war brought, about the pain that it is. About ruined lives and fate. About the mutilated sky, which now screams with thousands of selected voices. Children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, relatives, friends, etc. - every Ukrainian now has those whom they turn to when looking at the sky, whom they remember when they see a star they have never seen, whom they promised to continue living.

The project consists of painting and installation. Dmytro Dotsenko engraves the terrible and cruel events of the war on the canvas of the "Ukrainian Renaissance". He feels a certain responsibility in documenting them. Everything depicted on the canvas is supported by facts, these events took place during the Russian-Ukrainian war: Bucha, Gostomel, Mariupol, etc.

Dmytro Dotsenko "Ukrainian Renaissance"

Konstantin Lapuchen's installation "Stolen Childhood" demonstrates the horror and helplessness of childhood before the real nightmare of war, which forever changes reality and everyday life. The author builds a composition in the form of a cross on transparent plates, which helps to see the multifaceted variations of images from different angles. Additional accents are created by using spotlights and directed light on the main compositional nodes.

Konstantin Lapuchen's installation "Stolen Childhood"

The project also featured art critic reviews by Veronika Bublei and Vladyslav Dotsenko. Helped in writing the concept and organization of the event - Iryna Khomenko.

"It seems to me that we have begun to revive what used to be the art center of Kyiv. And I admire it very much! Maybe we even made a revolution within the walls of the academy, because I don't remember a complete student (highlighted) project here. The synergy between art critics and artists of the academy is very important. Unfortunately, most art managers from the academy do not work specifically with the artists of the academy. This should be fixed!" - Iryna Khomenko.

" We are very grateful to Ludmila Bereznytska, who guided us on the right path in creating the project, to Iryna Khomenko, who joined our project at the last moment and completed the project in a few days, as well as to art critics - Bubla Veronika and Dotsenko Vladyslav for their incredible support of the project!" - Dmytro Dotsenko and Konstantin Lapushen

Project participants:

"Mutilated sky" is a project in which 5 students of the academy participated.

Dmytro Dotsenko and Kostyantit Lapushen – artists of the project.

Vladyslav Dotsenko and Veronika Bublei – art critics

Iryna Khomenko – project manager

The project took place under the mentorship of Lyudmila Bereznytska.

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