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Ukrainian Guernica

Project supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and under patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska

CONCEPT 21st Century Europe is going through a horrific humanitarian crisis. Just a short while ago the present turn of events had seemed unthinkable due to the powerful development of humanistic values, historical memory, spiritual consolidation, and a general vision of a developed global civilization. Humanity is witnessing barbarism, cruelty, and outright lies, which are all evidence of systemic flaws in the architecture of international relations and constitute a crisis of moral foundations. Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine, and this is changing the system of political priorities and strategies for all democratic countries of the world. Issues that were once considered off the agenda suddenly became vital and requiring immediate attention. This is not just about political alliances and support, but also about the question of every nation’s survival and territorial integrity. Now a big country again can harm a small one, a strong one can harm a weak one; a wealthy one can harm a poorone. Is this what humanity was striving for through thousands of years of war, famine, and repression? Historical progress and work towards building a lasting peace are rendered worthless by the will of a tyrant emboldened by the blind support of Russian people, intoxicated by deceitful propaganda and paralyzed by fear. The moment has come for every person of good will to ask themselves and their politicians: is there a place in this world for barbarism? Can I feel safe? What is the cost of human life and can it be traded for economic advantages? Is there a place for tyranny in the contemporary world? These very questions were posed by Russia as ultimatum to Ukrainian people. Millions were deprived of their homes, work, and peaceful lives, and became refugees and internally displaced. Tens of thousands of people, among them many children, died from bombs and rockets launched into civilian infrastructure and residential buildings. Hundreds of children are among the dead. Thousands of women were brutally raped. Thousands of children were left orphans. The world now has a new Guernica.

MISSION This photo exhibition aims to draw attention of international community to atrocities and war crimes performed during invasion of Russian army to Ukraine and to document overwhelming humanitarian crisis that is happening right now in the heart of 21st Century’s Europe.

FUTURE SHOWS Ukraine House, an American non-for-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. confirmed that they will host this exhibition in summer 2022. We are in early stages of arranging the venue to show this exhibition in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, UK.

PAST SHOWS First show of the exhibition was 5 – 10 May and was organized in Fabric Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia in partnetship with BeNext Foundation and its director, Sofia Tchkonia.


Eugene Bereznitsky – curator Serge Kerbitsky – curator Zhenya Kuleba – producer Iryna Kabysh – producer Stas Shaposhnik – tech director


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