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Ukraine at Roma Arte In Nuvola

The Bereznitsky Art Foundation presented a project that caused a sensation at the Roma Arte in Nuvola art fair.

Bereznitsky Evgeniy, the curator and author of the project, through the prism of the work of three generations of Ukrainian artists, showed the history of successful Ukraine and the current moment of military successful opposition to Russian aggression in Ukraine. The pavilion featured works by Vasily Yarych, Viktor Kravtsov, Vladislav Mamsikov, Viktor Sidorenko and Yuri Sivirin. The work of Yuri Sivirin "Capsule" was acquired by the famous Italian art institution (The Bank collection) for their collection. Newspapers La Repubblica, Art a part of culture, Artslife, Andkronos noted the quality of the work and assented to the special interest of the public in the work of Yuri Sivirin and Viktor Sidorenko.

The Roma Arte in Nuvola fair was held in Rome from 17 to 20 November. Its founder Alessandro Nicosia and curator Andriana Polveroni were satisfied with the result. The 14,000 square meters housed hundreds of high quality art galleries. The Ukrainian project was a guest of the program. The founders of the fair, leading art experts and the Ambassador of Ukraine in Italy Yaroslav Melnyk had a speech at its opening. The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine entrusted to represent Ukraine at this year's fair by Bereznitsky Art Foundation, which is known for its successful experience in the international art scene.

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